Dynamic QR Codes

Two-Dimensional QR code is well known for its uniqueness, trendy design and able to encode huge digital data. Consumers can simply check the contents by using any modern mobile devices. From channel conflict tracking, parallel import to consumer interactive marketing, its applications are limited only by our imagination.

1. Uniqueness
Every item is given a unique code on the packaging. Just like every person has their unique identification code, and the product can be imitated but the code remains unique.

2. Easy Checking
Consumers can easily identify and check the code for authenticity by simply using any smartphone to scan the QR code. Extra information can be delivered on the scan result page.

3. Big Data
Consumer preferences and behaviors can be captured for marketing planning. Achieve consumer-oriented experience and improve brand loyalty.

4. Low Cost
Making of digital security label is very simple, and the cost of adding a QR Code onto a label is negligible.

5. Simplify Tracking
The security code can be applied to any merchandise and monitor by mobile networks to prevent counterfeiting, channel conflict or parallel import activities.

6. Anti-Counterfeiting
The manufacturer can retrieve the numbers of scanning and source of inquiry to identify suspicious activities. An estimated scanning location could immediately link to the relevant law enforcement department to make a report and trigger investigation.

24 Apr 2024