Microporous Membrane

A cutting-edge technique that almost impossible to be imitated. Microporous Membranes are produced with the national controlled heavy-ion accelerator. The membrane has extremely high-density pores around 600k/cm², with a diameter of 3~4 µm.

Microporous Membranes allows lightwater, and air to penetrate. The size of the pores can be adjusted according to the selected substance and allow it to pass through accordingly.

Microporous membrane is produced by high-tech facilities. These facilities are extremely expensive and solely controlled by the government’s defense and security department.

Typically, heavy-ion accelerators are used for scientific research but not for security labels or general public applications. This application has been patented and applied to the anti-counterfeiting security label for fighting indistinguishable counterfeit products in the market.

Microporous Membranes require special technicians who are familiar with modern nuclear physics knowledge. A limited number of countries are capable to own these facilities and the technical team.

Genuine Check by Water

Genuine Check by Water-based Ink


24 Apr 2024