Anti-Transfer & Anti-Removal

Since ancient times, the tamper-evident design is perhaps the most visible solution on the product packaging. We offer two advanced techniques: patented GA Encrypted Security Label and High Residue Tamper-Evident Sticker to prevent alteration of the anti-counterfeiting label and product since it left the manufacturer's factory.

GA Encrypted Security Label

GA Encrypted Security Label is one of our patented anti-counterfeiting techniques. The identification is easy and reliable by simply peeling off the label and there will be another layer residue remain on the attached item which is the GA Encrypted Layer.

Partial Shredding Technique (KK)

Partial shredding technique (a.k.a. KK technique) is a printing technique applied to printed material. During peel off, there is only part can be shed to ensures one-time usage and avoid retransfer.

24 Apr 2024